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    Overlapping at Offset is a behaviour for overlapping detection but I ran onto a problem with it. If 4 square objects placed surrounding on all side of a centre square box and I wanted only the box that was placed on the top to destroyed, I would put When "Square" object is overlapping object "square" at offset X=0, y=-1. But both left and right of the side of the square object is destroyed too! So, I figured it out, it was the offset X being set to 0 and Square objects placed on the left and right side of the centre square object to be destroyed. If The event would to be able to ignore offset X, I think the problem would be solve. For now, my workaround would be making the object size assume "64,64" , but rather "63.999,64". This helps the event to not detect the offset X=0 when square objects are placed using the snap to grid system. Understand? no?

    I hope this event would split into detect offset X and offset y. Thanks!

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