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  • Hi.C2 Developers.

    When I work C2 game,I found a lot of event and action are relate to the sprite itself.Every layout need edit the event for the sprite.I think if the instance has an event sheet itself,and when it on the layout.The event sheet action is enable.This will slove the repetitive work on the event sheet edit.

    Though we creat an independent event sheet for the sprite and import in the Layout event sheet.But if there are many sprites.Mybe some time we will miss some sheet to include.

  • You could try functions. You can call those from anywhere.

  • You shouldn't ever need to repeatedly edit events for every layout; just use event sheet includes.

    Some people ask us to have per-object event sheets, but lots of other users don't like it, and I'm not a big fan of the idea either - I think it actually makes your events scattered and more disorganised, rather than having a single central place where all your events appear together.

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  • With Event Sheet Includes, like Ashley mentions, you could do what you want, put all a sprites events in one sheet, and include it, and all the other instances, in the main one.

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