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  • Ashley i know you have a MASSIVE todo list but maybe you could add this someday, Simple editing of the exported HTML, Like background colour and maybe being able to add a background image, And Logo...?

    I know there are editors out there, but i struggled to find a HTML5 GUI editor and find myself cutting and pasting alot.

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  • Seconded. Should be very easy to add. And would be of great help. Just background color and loading image and loading bar if possible. And instead of the kinda ugly text "Made with Construct" a simple made with construct logo or something. Yes we could do this all by hand but if it's easy to add (it is ?) and well requested why not.

  • And in front of the logo you can add your own made logo :D

  • That would be a little to much :D

  • What we really need is a very simple to understand tutorial telling us how to do these things. I know there is one already but it is a bit vague and complex for me...

  • I don't know... we don't want to make Construct 2 in to a HTML designer. First everyone will want the background color, then a logo, then a text field, then a way to do this and that... and if you know HTML it's really simple to do this stuff. I'd really suggest finding a HTML tutorial on the web for this, you can do so so much more than the options Construct 2 will ever provide. Just remember not to remove anything from the HTML in case you break it!

  • Its not about being an "html editor" its just to keep the high level creator tool like C2. See, some C2 user are not advanced and like to create all things easy (this because we like C2), think about this...

  • I made a suggestion of my own (suggestion 7) before reading this -

    My idea was slightly different in that the HTML files would go in folders and then at export you could pick one to use. With that sort of template setup you could then easily make a few HTML's you want to use, add them to folders and simply select whatever one you wanted at export.

    This idea would only need one simple editor change also with a new dropdown list or something similar, it doesn't turn Construct 2 in to a HTML designer either because it's still down to the user to make the templates.

  • Perhaps an option in the exporter to save just the relevant code to a separate text file?

    If you were planning to add the game to an existing page, that would make things a little simpler.

    Might make for a nice paid version bonus.

  • I've updated the "how to customize" tutorial to add "quick how to" about subjects asked in this topic.

    Let me know if it is better for you.

  • I've a suggestion too. Maybe moderators could group all suggestions in a unique topic. It'll get more visibility to all, and specially easier to devs for their todo list, won't it?

  • In fact a few months ago, Ashley said he was pretty much done with suggestions since his todo list is already huge.

    Be sure he reads the forum anyway and pick up goods ideas as he sees them.

    There's only 24 hours in a day to implement them and you have to consider basic hardware actions like eating and sleeping.

  • Im just happy to see an update a week.

  • that was slightly vague and complex for beginners like myself. An excellent tutorial nonetheless, I don't want you to take it the wrong way ;)

  • sqiddster: I can understand how it was complex and vague, don't worry.

    Are the quick "how to" helping ?

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