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  • As the event sheets get longer and longer it becomes a little bit of a hassle scrolling up and down to get where you want to go.

    Would it be possible to do something where if you create a comment started with a hashtag, then a quick link to that section of the code becomes available in the UI. Maybe an additional top menu?

    For example my section of code that has Enemy AI, just before all the events I could put a comment of #EnemyAI This is all my enemy AI.

    Then in the menu bar #EnemyAI can be clicked and it jumps right to that code.

    Plus it would be nice if these are global, so no matter which event sheet you are on, you could bounce around between sheets as well.

    Thanks for listening :).

  • Use groups - because they're collapsible, it solves thae scrolling problem.

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  • ArcadEd - I was gonna suggest the same thing that Arima did, but HE beat me to the punch. I like the idea, though--you're talking about something similar to anchors in HTML, right?

    One trick to doing that now is to put a comment with your # idea (or just a group name as Arima suggested) and then use the 'Event Search' to jump to that location.

  • Yeah, in some of my bigger projects I do use groups and they do help.

    You are correct on the HTML anchors. The nice thing is you could jump from event sheet to event sheet with the click of a button.

    I don't use the search as much as I probably should, but even it only searches the current event sheet you are on. Unless I am mistaken.

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