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  • Hello everybody,

    The timer behavior is very nice, but I tend to use instead the timer behavior from RexRainbow, because it has the "timer is running" condition. I think this is possible in the current Timer behavior though, using a system:Compare two values and comparing the duration of a given tag to 0, but this isn't clear and, if I'm not mistaking, force you to add a For Each on the object that has the timer if you want to select the right elements. Using a boolean and set it to true as soon as the timer starts/false when it stops is also a solution, but you'll need a new boolean for every timer tag you need to check for.

    Am I missing something here, or is this the only method to check if a timer is running right now ? Would this be useful ? If so, could this be added in a future update ?

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  • I use boolean variables for this. But I find it a bit inconvenient.

    I support the idea of adding a "is running" condition.

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