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  • It would be nice to have a button for filtering the event list to show disabled events/actions and on the same subject it would also be nice that when you cancel a search construct will keep focus on the select event instead of jumping to the top.

  • Event filtering in general would be fantastic (being able to see all the events related to a specific object for example) but I don't think we'll be seeing that until Construct 3.

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  • You can search object names

  • +1 I have always felt there should be a button under clear search that goes directly to the selected event. The biggest issue is that when you search for an object name for example, any sub events that do not directly name the searched object won't be displayed ( completely hidden ) so the general work flow of using search goes like this:

    1 use search

    2 clear search

    3 manually scroll through all of your events until you get to your desired location. (Might not sound like much but if you are using search often this scrolling time really adds up). Lol I recently had to replace my mouse after the scroll wheel broke. Coincidence?

    The longer your event sheet gets the more annoying this scrolling becomes. I don't think that this is something that is impossible for the c2 editor. You can already go directly to an event when you search. Even just adding a simple 'go to : event number' like search box would be a small improvement that would end up saving a lot of time.

    Short version: it would be great if we could

    1 use search

    2 clear search and choose whether you want to go to the top or the selected event. 2 separate buttons.

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