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  • I'd like to suggest an update to the Scroll To behavior and its Shake action. I have a camera object with Scroll To. When I want the screen to shake, I just trigger Shake on it. This works well but there is a problem triggering 2 shake events close to each other. For example, I have a subtle screen shake while shooting, a monster comes in and slams the ground causing a big shake. The big shake never occurs because the shooting shake action overwrites it. Two options would help.

    1) Shake Chooser - Always pick the larger Shake value. Triggering a shake of 10 would not overwrite a shake of 40, unless the 40 value has reduced below 10 if the Reducing magnitude option is on.

    2) Additive Shake - If there's already a shake occurring, add the value and continue shaking.

    Option 1 would probably be the most useful of the two.


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