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  • Add a field to the Mouse -> Set cursor from sprite action to specify an animation frame in the sprite to use

    The work-around is to add a Sprite -> Set animation frame action before the set cursor call, but having the option in the set cursor action would be nice and save space.

  • It would be a nice feature.

  • Good idea! It would indeed be useful.

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  • Cant you just set position to mousex, mousey using a sprite?

    You then get access to all of sprites abilities, set frame, set animation, rotation, blah, blah, blah.....

  • newt, I could do (and have done) that, but the set cursor to sprite action was added to fix lag issues associate with the sprite method.

    Also, I've experienced some weird stuttering issues setting a sprite to the cursor using sprite actions, and the set cursor to sprite action seems to alleviate those issues.

  • Well you have to remember that order makes a big difference for that.

    If you have an event that takes a bit of cpu, before the event that sets the sprite to mouse, then there will be some lag.

    Perhaps a better workaround would be a behavior for sprite, like what we had in CC.

    As I recall that still didn't fix all lag issues, as the cursor doesn't use the same buffering as regular objects.

    Chances are it will be the same, if not worse for c2, regardless of what you do.

  • Well, I'm glad I found this topic - I was pulling my hair out wondering why I couldn't change animations on my MouseCursor sprite. Added the "Sprite->Set animation" before "Mouse->Set cursor from sprite" and now it works.

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