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  • Hey guys,

    When the day gets a bit long and I'm winding down for bed, I find myself using the mouse almost exclusively while I watch something on another monitor. And I think it would be cool if you could alter the values in the properties tab by clicking on the number and scrolling the wheel up and down. As it is now, it unselects the currently selected value and just scrolls the properties tab up and down.

    It's far from important, but it would be nice and is hopefully not much trouble to implement :)

  • im a sucker for interface improvements so i would definetly like to see it,if possible, but there are some things to consider

    what with comma delimeted numbers?

    some things cant be scrolled

    some numbers have min-limit

    how much does it add-detract, > default could be 1 ofcourse

    not to say that these are big things, but could complicate things

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  • What, really? This isn't a joke?

    Seriously, is it that difficult to use a keyboard.

  • zenox98 - why does it sound so absurd? Sure keyboard is fine, but sometimes you are far away from it and just want to tinker with things. And it's not JUST for being lazy, it's a lot more comfortable to use in many occasions. It's a small improvement for hopefully small effort. I don't see why it should be scoffed at just because it's not a major feature.

  • in photoshop you have almost for every numeric input, an extra slider, in unity i believe you can hold mouse down and slide nummers up and down.

    dont need dont use, but some would find it usefull

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