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  • Hello folks,

    I was wondering about a "saving" system and figuring out how it's used by Our Community.

    Basically, if you want implement a saving system, you'll have to do a lot of work making arrays, using ajax, etc.

    But, as an old user of RPG Maker, Indie Game Maker (IGM), GM, Stencyl, Express Game Maker, it's pretty deductible C2 will have one later, right?

    Before your comment, let's make the post content clear. Saving system for simple games should work using arrays, etc.

    But when you want make a RPG, where you need to store many type of objects and states, positions, etc, it become very hard, comparing with the other tools.

    So, that's why this suggestion was made.

    If Construct 2 gain a "save state" system, where you can simple make the system flag this event and then save the actual state of the game in a file, like a screenshot, but of the entire state of the game, would be great, easy and very intuitive.

    It'll need to come with a "load state" variable too.

    The intent of this feature is save the game as it's on the engine at the exactly moment of use.

    It's obvious it will need to care about conditionals where it can be used, and a anti spam system to prevent players to click on save 1000 times and crash the game.

    Please, it's not a personal request, I believe it will help a lot of people and make C2 grow more and more.

    When I come here to share something and suggest a new feature, you can be sure of a strongly motivation behind the scene.

    This is a link to the IGM Manual where they talk about the saving system of their game engine: Main link (search for Copy File on the index) or the directly link: Direct link

    nitialize All Memories & Switches

    When turned on, this switch resets the values of all memories and switches to the default settings.

    Save in File

    When turned on, this switch makes the save file (designated by the File Number memory) save the data of designated memories and switches.

    In addition, the number of saved memories and switches is also saved. If the number does not match when the file is next loaded, the Health Data Buffer memory will show an error value (a number other than 0).

    The save folder and save file name will be as follows:

    Save Folder

    If an Exported Game is Played and Saved

    If an exported game is saved during play, the save file is made inside the same folder as the one containing the *.actrom file.

    If Saved During Test Play

    If a game is saved during test play (launched using the Play Button), the save file is placed inside the optimal location such as the ACTKool.tmp folder automatically made inside a temp folder, etc. (The location will depend on the gaming environment.)

    File Name

    If the File Number memory's value is "1": _memory1.actsave

    If the File Number memory's value is "2": _memory2.actsave

    If the File Number memory's value is "3": _memory3.actsave

    If there is no save file by that name in the save folder, a new one will be automatically made.

    Overwriting an Identically Named Save File

    If there is already an identically-named save file in the save folder, the older one will be overwritten. If there are two or more exported games, make a folder for each game and place their *.actrom files in the respective folders.

    Read from File

    When turned on, data is read from the numbered save file designated by the File Number memory.

    Delete File

    When turned on, the numbered save file designated by the File Number memory is deleted.

    Copy File

    When turned on, data from the numbered save file designated by the File Number memory is copied to the numbered save file designated by the File Copy Destination Number memory. If the designated folder is not found, one will be automatically made. If there is already a destination save file by the same name, it will be overwritten.

    If in need of more samples, I can take some screen-shots.

    It and the suggestion about persistent layouts, would work like a charm for who wanna adventure doing RPG games on Construct 2

  • There's a feature that does exactly this in Construct Classic. We have had it on our todo list for C2 for a while. Hopefully we'll get round to it soon!

  • I second this. 8D

  • I want to save :(

  • Awesome! Another feature I can't wait to see added.

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  • Ashley

    If possible, include:

    - Check last saved state (it will make easy for beginners to make a "Continue" button);

    Our Brazilian Community will wait til the feature get alive before release some games, instead of working on a complex save system too ^^

    Thank you!

  • Waiting for the same feature too :)

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