[Suggestion] Save SOL with a tag

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  • I think I am not the first one to suggest this:

    An action to allow me to save the SOL to a variable, an array or a tag to check collision using different SOL .

    One of the issue with C2 is the difficulty to check collision between instances of the same object without knowing IID of UID.

    I am working on a game with jewels and I find it redundant that I have to use an invisible sprite using 10-15 events (maybe not the best solution).

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  • Actually I was thinking the same thing today. I would like a way to save the SOL list and tag it.

    In the mean time you can use RexRainbows InGroup plugin. It works as above. The problem is that InGroup I find works a little half hazzard. The InGroup has a for each loop. I tried using it. In one section of the code it works perfectly. in another it doesn't work at all. The InGroup ID system uses a custom ID rather than UID. At least that what it seems. But it does work.

    Though thats why now I would like an Official SOL grouping system

  • Whats wrong with putting the uid into a global?

  • You could also save all the uids into an array, and if you wanted then store the array with a 'tag' in a hash table.

  • Yeah, good points here, but saving SOL allows you to do bitwise operations with sets

    more easily.

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