[suggestion] Rotate objects while holding shift by X degrees

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  • Hey

    Please one feature that would be very welcome is be able to rotate objects in the layout while holding a key (for example shift like in photoshop) that would turn it by a fixed degree, for example by 45 degrees or 90...

    So trying to make it clear... the sprite is at angle 0 and you want to have it at angle 180, you hold shift key then start turn it to the left and it will go directly to 45 then 90, 135 and finally 180. Obviously you can also write the angle you want in the properties but trust me, this way is intuitive and it's a common feature that basically every program that handles with images have. It would be a very nice feature and I think it won't be that hard to implement it

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  • Actually, if you hold shift while rotating an object in the layout right now it will automatically rotate by 5 degree increments already. Is that what you mean?

  • Woah, actually yes hahaha

    but I think 5 degrees increment is too low...

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