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  • Hi guys,

    Just a suggestion for consideration. Might be nice if there was a reset values button or something for a behavior to bring things back to the defaults.

    Many times I'm tweaking a behavior trying to get the right number but things are not going the way I want so I would like to get back to default.

    I know there's a reset settings on dialogs but that's pretty global and probably undesired. I'm talking about either resetting a single behavior value (for example Max speed on the Platform behavior) or an entire behaviors values (all settings for 8Direction for example).

    As a UI suggestion the single value reset could be done in the context menu of the setting. Right click, "Reset to default", done. For the entire behavior I suppose the Behavior dialog would be appropriate. Select the behavior and click on a (new) button in the toolbar to reset all values to default.

    Not sure if anyone else thinks this is a good idea so just throwing it out there.


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