[Suggestion] A refresh button to update GFX

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  • Hello,

    I have a little suggestion about a missing function in the 'graphic-importer' of C2.

    Basically ?a refresh button?.

    When you import a sprite, if you want to make any modification after (like replacing a place-holder), you have to import it again by using the ?open file? button. No problem with that.

    But, by doing this you lose the collision setting in your sprite.

    When it?s a bouncing box this is fine, but sometime you have a complex polygon setting.

    A ?refesh button? (using the same file path and name) would be a good option to keep these settings and update any sprite with a simple click. With a classic icon like this why not ;-)

    <img src="http://www.koruldia.info/files/refesh_504.png" border="0" />

    Ho, and let me say THANK YOU for this amazing tool, always improving and really stimulating.

  • There's already a 'reload from disk' option in the animation frames bar.

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  • Ho! Indeed I can see this option by right-clicking an empty space in the animation frames bar. That�s almost an easter egg haha, thank you.

    But unfortunately the option remains gray for me, I can�t click on it. I read the manual and now I know that it�s because I�m using a CAPX file as a project, and not a folder. (capx is so convenient)

    So maybe the idea to individually update any sprite (even a single frame of an animation) is not that bad after all (especially for people using capx), it�s not really �important�, but just a little convenient detail to improve the user experience I would say.

    Impressive work by the way. Congratulation Scirra!

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