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  • Ashley, WebRTC also support audio chat features and video chat features, as you are likely aware.

    From what I have seen from the javascript examples, client and server wise, these implementations seem super small, and would also require but a fraction of server/client work in comparison to for example the multiplayer.

    Any chance of looking into the plausability of implementing it along with the multiplayer ?, seeing as you would be all into the whole webrtc side of things anyway.

    just imagine:

    game wise

    voice chat supported multiplayer games

    Construct 2 would also elevate its potential for developing communication apps.

    Voice chat applications

    Video chat applications

    If it would become super easy to get these type of data calls in relative simple applications, circumventing regular carier costs, with all kind of new intuitive apps made by construct 2 developers, its potential is immense.

  • I have just finished reading the blog post and thought exactly the same thing !

    In fact C2 has the potential to become so much more than just a games engine. Or maybe a spin off of C2 for other types of applications.

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  • Oh well, didn´t know that. Voice-Chatting would make so much more ineraction and fun possible. There could be 13 year old insulting each other through my game! Real FPS feeling.

    +1 for that. Really big opportunities!

  • Voice chat and video chat in Construct 2 would be awesome. It would enable people to create even more social multiplayer game environments. Please consider this Ashley!

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