[Suggestion] More properties for Particle object

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  • I've been using particles a lot as of late and thought it could use a couple more properties to be a bit more flexible with the effects one could achieve. Not a big deal or priority, I know, but sounds like it would be simple to implement, so why not? Anyway, this is what I've come up with:

    • Fade in: Pretty straightforward, a property that allows you to make particles fade in when spawned. Currently you can only set the initial opacity and an opacity randomizer, and of course fade out as part of particle destroy conditions. Now, I've been shown a way to get something of a fade in effect by adjusting the opacity/randomizer values that works passably well for my current project, but nevertheless I think a more precise measure would be nice.
    • Display angle and spin: This was actually a property for particles in CC that doesn't seem to have made it in. Basically it let you set the angle at which the particles were displayed initially (not the same as angle of motion), a randomizer value for this, a turn rate to make particles spin, and possibly a randomizer value for the spin, too. Of these the latter two/three features sound like they'd be the most useful, but hey, the more the merrier.
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  • And support for Effects like Tint would be great, too.

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