Suggestion about the preview options in Construct2

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  • Hi my suggestion is; 'is it possible to add a preview size option for Construct2?' Like a dropdown box with options like SVGA,WSVGA,XGA,WXGA etc. <font size="1">(Found on When we hit preview button the demo would run in the resolution option chosed in the dropdown box. This should be awesome for smartphone developers.

    It's not possible?

    What about an add-on like a button and when we click it, we can see pictures of how our selected layout shows up in real life resolutions? In this add-on if i choose SVGA in the dropdown options, i would see a picture of what my layout shows on SVGA devices(800,480 or 480,800) and could develop faster to fix problems that shows up because of the resolution changes. Just a picture is enough.

    Why is this important? When i want a clear view of how my game shows in GalaxyS2 i have to build it for cocoonjs and run it in the launcher. But when i want a view of GalaxyS3 resolution of my game i have to borrow my brothers phone. But that's all the smartphones we got at home. I cant make test runs on an iphone or ipad4 because i don't have it. One of this suggestions would be very nice to see how my games shows up in all resolutions/devices.

    <font size="1">Smartphone resolutions :

    Sorry for my bad english, if you have questions ask it please.

    Have a nice day..

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