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  • We got a nice "Fall through" action for the Plattform behavoir lately.

    Can we get a "Walk through" action (Walk through solids) for Plattform and 8 Direction.

    or alternative a "disable colission with solids" action.

    Similar to the one the Physics behavior has.

    This would be different to disable the solid behavoir, because

    in a two player game only the player with, for example, "ghost mode"

    could walk through the wall.

    Would be great!

  • You can already disable the solid behavior with its 'Set enabled' action. The Platform behavior should also be able to walk through Jump-thru objects.

  • Thanks for reply Ashley

    (and by the way Thanks for your great work on Construct2),

    I know that the solid behavoirs can be disabled.

    but then it is disabled for all Plattform behavoirs.

    What I was looking for, was a way of disable the Solid behavoir only for a specific Object type (or vice versa).

    e.g. for a game with a "you can go through walls" skill or something. The Player can go trough walls, but the Enemys can't. I'm sure there are many more uses.

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  • I too would be very interested in something like this

  • Here's an example of how to do what you want by using families and local variables on the family to determine if you can go through or not. Should be super simple and dynamic. If I've understood your problem correctly.

    Remember local variables are set on individual objects, not uniformally on all objects.

    Furthermore, I'd keep using this design to do "jumpthrough" platforms by having a second boolean indicating if it's jumpthrough or not. That way you have a unified and simple interface to design levels and don't have to 'bother' with a behaviour (unless you're pressed on resources).

  • I don't think it really fixes the problem

    Because you are still just turning the solid behaviour for a wall on and off like opening and closing a door, any other object with the platform behaviour is capable of slipping through behind the player who is in ghost mode.

  • Julmust Thank you for the example, but as Vercingetorix wrote it doesn't solve the Problem if there are more than one Plattformer entity in the game.

  • Indeed, this is a problem that's been annoying me for ages now.

    R0J0hound came up with a pretty decent solution here, but this is still quite annoying if you have a huge level and don't want to replicate it, or if your level can be changed by the user in some way.

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