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  • I don't know if this has been suggested before but there goes.

    It would be a nice addition if the object with the platform behavior, while standing on a moving platform, would change it's coordinates according to the platform, without glitching.

    I'm having a lot of trouble doing this on my own, I think I have something close to the desired effect, but it would be great if this came as a part of the behavior, being able to turn this on and off would be useful too.

    Just an idea :)

  • It should work with horizontally moving platforms, but due to a bug it didn't work with vertically moving platforms. That should be fixed in the next build.

  • It does? how? I have a solid platform with a Sine behavior which the main character can step on but when it moves the character just stays on its place and eventually it falls down, when I want it to follow the platform I need to put some "set X to blah.X+'number' on every tick" and such. I would be very grateful if you could tell me what am I doing wrong :(

  • It should just work, can you share a .capx? Open 'Platform 6 (slopes and moving platforms).capx' in the examples folder and there's an example of exactly that, a sine behavior making a platform move side to side and the player seems to move along with it just fine.

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  • My .capx was 33mb in size, I deleted everything I could, event sheets, objects, music, sounds, layouts, and my capx is now 32mb... I don't know how to make it smaller, I will upload it to dropbox anyway, but if you can tell me how to make it smaller, I will, I'm sure it should be less than 5mb by now, I don't understand why it remains this big.

    The link is:

    It should be ready in about 20 minutes from the time I'm posting this.

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