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  • Sorry for the pun, it was pintentional :D

    ok, seriously. I would like to see a new Pin behaviour feature for Relative/Offset Position. This would make container object creation a lot easier. Right now when a container object is created it seems we need to set the position of every object and pin it(if we are pinning).

    The intent is that the Pin behaviour will have it's own XY coordinates. These coords will automatically put the object relative to the parent. so a flashlight with Pin.Y:70, wound naturally put the flashlight on the 90 degree 70px down. This pin offset would overwrite the sprites own XY.

    The benefit of this is that the user can change the Pin.Y/X and resulting moving a pinned object, but still relative to the parent. So the object doesnt' need to be constantly unpinned, moved and re-pinned.

    I don't see this as being all that complicated to add

    new property values of XY

    new property "relative or absolute" combo box

    action: set pin offsetXY

    right now C2 already handles pinned objects. In this case it would just use user input XY to offset.

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  • SceneGraph(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scene_graph) that is what it is called. SceneGraph.

    I think the Pin behaviour should support Scenegraph functionality.

    Actually I think C2 should move to support Scenegraph in a natural design element as part of Containers. If an item is part of a Container then it's automatically pinned(without the behaviour) to the Scenegraph.

    Finally to go with all of that. I think the scenegraph pinning should allow to be set to an ImagePoint.

    All of this would help with a more natural flow for independent object animations. Similar to that Spiter aims to be.

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