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  • As we know now. C2 now gives UID to objects added to the game at development time. With this excellent benefit of knowing an objects UID at this time. I believe it would be fantastic that the PIN BEHAVIOUR now have a property in the beahviour property box on the the left side.

    Pin to UID.

    Here is my example use as to why this would be of a great assistance.

    I'm creating a semi dynamic gui for a game. I am using a 9 patch of as the panel due to the ability for it to resize well to the various panels I will need.

    These panels for graphical effect slide in and out of the screen as called per required. Doing this obviously requires I pin the objects to the panel. The dynamic changing objects are fine as they are added at run time.

    However some of my static buttons that navigate through the UI panels are static and always need pinning. In this case instead of having to create an OnLayout Start to create various SOL, then proceed to pin. It would be very beneficial just to type the UID of the object to PIN to.

    Anyways. That's my suggestions. Please consider :)

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  • jayderyu

    I think the best option would be for a separate editor where items could be dragged in place and pinned visually. Mainly for static objects. Attempting to line sprites dynamically before pinning in runtime just makes a lot more work.

  • My suggestion is simple as that only requires a property box. Which with C2 Plugin system would be easy to implement without any difficulty.

    However I think that would be a great addition for some kind of PIN EDITOR especially for CONTAINERS. I would love a CONTAINER EDITOR with PIN as part of CONTAINER BEHAVIOR.

    But unless Ahsley is up for a PIN or CONTAINER editor for such things. I think a UID property box in the PIN properties for me would be good.

  • Ashley, I second this as well :)

  • I think a separate behavior would be better. Something you can set by uid.

    That way you can still use the pin.pinuid, but not be limited to the pin behavior.

  • This is a cool idea.. I don't think I'd use it in the same way as you..

    For example, if I have a platform (object type: 'VerticalPlatform') but I only want one particular one to break as a trap when the player jumps on it.

    (I have no immediate use for it but it'd be cool to have this rather than make a 'TrapVerticalPlatform' or whatever. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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