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  • I use pick nearest/furthest all the time. However, I run into problems when one Sprite attempts to find the nearest of its own kind. I would love the function to be updated so that pick nearest/furthest never returns the instance which called the event, or at least a setting to exclude it. I find myself having to do extremely complicated workarounds, and would appreciate a change.



  • Try filtering to exclude the UID of the sprite you don't want chosen.

  • Try filtering to exclude the UID of the sprite you don't want chosen.

    Could you give some kind of example pseudo code? I get where you're going but am unable to replicate it.

    I'd be happy to see this workaround, but I don't think it negates the initial suggestion. If you ask a person where the nearest human is, they will not point to themselves. It's really unintuitive and not useful for an object to find itself with this kind of function.

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  • ryguydavis,

    Sorry, a bit too brief on the help because I was using my phone. Try something like the images below. You just need to grab the UID of the object that has been selected (in my examples I use a mouse click) and then exclude that UID from the group of objects that you wish to consider for the pick nearest action. You can use a family (that contains the selected object type) or put the UID in a local variable to fulfill this requirement - all depending on how you have your game set up. If you choose to use a variable, just ensure you Pick all so the sub-events consider more than just the selected object. Take a look at these and let me know if they make sense or not...



  • Ah, yes that does the trick. Thank you for taking the time to provide an example. This is literally a year's worth of headache.

    I'd still love an additional option added to the nearest/furthest condition. It seems like a more elegant solution than three events and a variable. I'll happily use it for now, though.


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