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  • So, I made another thread to this other subject, I thoug it was less messy to do so.

    I was about to make a mod to the Phisycs behaviour, but I read your post about not doing so.

    My problem is, I was unable to find a way to edit Joints that were already created, or destroying single joints. Or not an Elegant way in any case.

    �Is there a way I can make a behaviour for enabling edit of joints without changing the Physics behaviour?

    Well, what I was about to do is some functions to mod or delete joints. I also thought to make a variable or somthing like "lastCreatedJointIndex" so when you create a joint that you desire to control, you should store it's index in a instance (or global, warever) variable.

    Then, the functions of modding and deleting should ask for an index. Maybe, there could be another variable "lastCreatedJointIndexOther", this would return the same joint, but indexed by the other object it is attached.

    �Do you think is this possible to be applyed in the short run?

  • Paco

    Actually as long as you copy an official plugin and make the internal changes then theres no problem. What you shouldn't do is make mods to the official plugins and let them stand in as official.

    So what you want to do is copy the Physics behaviour.

    Go into the source. Change the Name, plugin ID, and other references so that the plugin doesn't get confused with the official physics plugin. Once that's done. Go nuts with all the changes you want :)

    That avatar of yours. Is that your game or are you using it?

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  • First of all:

    �No it's not my game... I wish it was!

    It's the great Superbrother's Sword & Sworcery. An excelent game (point and click adventure-ish) very beautiful with gorgeous music.

    So, to the point. Yes i'm planning to do the modification, but I think it's important being able to manipulated joints in a more specific way, using the official behaviour.

    But I'm also wondering if there could be a way to work this kind of things using maybe a Plugin... like... "Physic World Plugin" and having acces to collisions as well as joints? Or other 2dBox features? I mean, without having to screw the official plugins and behaviours

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