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  • Don't know if its possible now, or even possible at all, but it could be great if there was a way to performance test individual events, functions etc. for CPU usage and maybe memory usage.

    As sometimes you might create something and it seems to work fine, but it might have a fairly big impact on your program, because of some minor thing that you didn't think of. So it would be nice if you could test each event somehow and that way figure out if you made some stupid thing or see if you can optimize it somehow.

  • I would agree that a performance profiler would be awesome. There are some conditions in C2 that let you know these values (estimated memory usage, and something related to CPU) but a full-featured system is likely impossible due to the nature of HTML5.

  • +1 , i was thinking on this today (could be part of debugger set)

    chrome for example can check how long each .js part is taking to complete(but you cant make alot out of it)

    i guess it would be important to know what you want to profile and if its possible

    i think in unity you can check how much overdraw there is in the scene by colorstrength,

    others could be for example seeing just the collisionboxes..

  • It depends if we test on Chrome, Firefox, iOS, Android, etc. based from their hardwares.

    There are javascript and memory performance profilers in Chrome inspector (dev tools).

  • the debugger should stand alone not depending on browser, i think like a floating ui ontop of game, with info and checkboxes depending of what you want to see

  • I was thinking about adding something like this to the debugger. It's probably not possible to measure individual events (since the overhead of measuring might end up being more than the time it took to run the event itself), but perhaps it could narrow it down to how much time spent in each event group.

  • Ashley oh wow, something like that would be absolutely huge.

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  • Could it be user definable with actions like it was in CC? In a few places I'm doing tricky stuff in one event in various parts of an event branch, and having to arrange things into a group just for profiling might not be practical as it would also profile the later parts of that branch as well as the need to rearrange code a bit to create a group just for it. Also, setting it to use groups wouldn't stop someone from profiling one event, anyway (one event can potentially be pretty intensive by itself). Perhaps it can just mention the limitations of the profiler, similarly to mentioning the limitations of how every 0.001 seconds won't actually run faster than the framerate?

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