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  • I posted a message regarding this about two weeks ago - no answers though. So I thought maybe I didn't express myself clearly enough.

    Basically I think that particle plugin lacks very important property, which is random rotation of a particle on creation.

    Currently every single particle is always sprayed facing the same direction which looks pretty ugly in many cases.

    Current behavior:

    <img src="http://pbjshop.co.uk/construct/current.png" border="0" />


    <img src="http://pbjshop.co.uk/construct/new.png" border="0" />

    Most particle engines can do it, but not in Construct 2. Can this functionality be implemented in future particle plugin, please:)?

  • If your trying to get Ashley's attention on this. I suggest posting it during the 10am to 3pm hours of GMT. Also you will want to add the "@" tag as in ASHLEY.

    I really don't pay attention to most other particle engines. But personally I haven't seen any samples where particles have specific facing. Often in the sample image above your posting. I usually see thoes a sprites not particles.

  • What about the "Angle Randomiser" property?


  • We don't plan to support this. The Particles object can render faster than using the same number of Sprites partly because it doesn't support rotating the images (it uses WebGL point sprites). If you want something like this, a better workaround is just to spawn lots of sprites with the bullet behavior.

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  • I came to ask the same question.

    the answer of mutuware is good enough for me; most of the time the particles are symmetrical or circular so the angle does not matter much, but i miss another important behaviour of particles that would be really cool:

    As i'm new to C2, just tryed to create a particle effect and then load frames from a gif... then realiced that particles do not support frames like sprites do.. so sad.. will be very nice having an animated particle GIF, then import to the game... probably it will cause slowdown dunno.

    I guess i can do what ashley says: spawn objects. thanks

  • Just use a few particle emitters in the same spot and set those to different angles, then also play with angle randomizer property and you won't be able to tell the difference.

    It should not affect performance either because you can have fewer particles coming out of each one ( combined they should match what you have coming out of a single emitter now )

    just noticed this is a thread from 2013, wow. Well, my suggestion could also help the last guy posting. Few particle emitters, like I said, each can have a different shape or color, so you can create an illusion of frames/animation.

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