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  • I am currently working on a fairly large - scale project in construct 2, which has a large number of objects and also a large number of Families. I sometimes find it difficult to keep track of all of these families and exactly what family is part of what section of the game. It would be incredibly helpful for me if a feature was added in so that you could sort your families into folders the same way you can sort objects into sub folders. To me this would a very useful feature that I hope Scirra considers adding in the future.

    Cheers, Kukukoke

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  • it would be great if we had objects per layouts view.

    then we would just drag 'n' drop repeating objects to the layout 2 folders, and those which do not repeat would stay in the first layout only. of course on export they would be all the same object (grass in layout 1 and layout 5) still exports as 1 grass texture.

    currently you can only create lots of folders and stuff, but that doesn't make it cleaner :/

  • The families folder has been requested before, so +1 for this.

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