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  • When I type to select an object (when creating an action or a condition), if I type "sorcerer" and I have two objects "sorcerer" and "HPsorcerer", HPsorcerer will always come first, so that I am forced to still select it with my mouse despite I writed down the whole object name.

    In my opinion, the first results should be the objects which have their first letter the same as the first letter that I wrote down, not the objects which names come first in the alphabetical order.

    This would avoid me to have "enemyTouchBox" come first when I write "touch", and thus to have me grab my mouse to double click on it, while I could otherwise just press enter.

  • Ohw yes .... same here ...

    This can be quite annoying if you have a big project, because I start naming some objects a bit weird just to keep the development process quick.

    Lots of times I actually ponder how to name my objects .. so during development I can type two or three letters to make the object appear in the selection window, leaving me to just press enter to select it.

    Otherwise, I type a few letters, then either tab to the screen to navigate with the arrows keys to the right object, or use my mouse to select it.

    The mouse is annoying, as I tend to use only the keyboard during the editing/adding of events.

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