Suggestion for Next Update:- Audio Overhaul/Review

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  • I am wondering if we could get an Audio Events overhaul...

    I have noticed some features missing that would really streamline production..

    A few suggestions for new Audio Events that I would find useful...

    "Preload folder"

    or perhaps "Preload by tag"

    Rather than just individual audio files...

    I am not sure if you can do this yet...there seems to be some functionality with the "preload by name" event for folders but then then you still have name files individually..

    I am not sure what would be better..perhaps Ashley if we could re look at the Audio features and events maybe a slight overhaul or look into some further integration with Tags and Folders some not quite sure how to go about it, but I would like to be able to preload large Tagged groups or folders of Audio files...

    The main reason for this being that many of my projects have hundreds of sound effects...

    and they are often grouped by folder such as "Enemy Bullet fx" or what nots

    if anyone else has some ideas..perhaps we could pin this thread or bump up ..

    I think it would be nice to look further into the Audio features...They are already great..but I feel that its possible to squeeze even more out of HTML 5 browsers than what is already featured in Construct 2

    What do you think Ashley? Any chances of an Audio review or slight overhaul o stream line or add more gadgets?

    Further suggestions totally welcome...I'm sure there is more we could do with Audio

    What does everyone else think?

  • I do some decently in-depth audio stuff with C2 and would gladly accept any improvements

    Without it, it still works, but I agree that easier and more control over preloading and unloading would be useful.

  • music is the key +1 for every audio update!

  • Plz feel free to suggest anything youd like...if you can think of something specific..the sky is the limit....The goal is to improve C2 beyond our wildest expectations.. heehehe...its alive!!

  • If your main concern is preloading, then note that from r175+ by default Construct 2 preloads all sound effects on startup, making any use of the "preload" action for sounds redundant. I can't see that your post includes any other specific suggestions... I'm open to suggestion but it sounds like it already does what you want but you haven't realised yet!

  • Ashley , I have a request for Audio!

    So we have "Play at object", which is awesome, but how about a "Play at Object's Area"?

    Say for example we have a Sprite that is 2000x100, and we want a sound to play from it, and the volume to pan whenever the player (the listener object) is near this sprite. Using "Play at object", the Audio will only determine its volume from the distance between the player and the Sprite's Origin Point. (So say the Sprite's origin point is on the left of itself, and the player stands in the middle of the Sprite, the volume will pan Left).

    But if we had "Play at object's area", then the player could go anywhere on the Sprite and it would only pan if you moved away from it's width/height, rather than it's origin point.

    This would be infinitely more awesome if this was determined via the Sprite's Collision Polygon, and also still detects correctly if the Sprite's angle changes.

    I can think of a few uses, such as making it easy to create an area for background ambience, making lasers that buzz when near, you know, atmospherical stuff

    Hopefully there's something I'm missing that already exists in the Audio plugin that does what I'm talking about haha

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  • Jase00 - I don't think that makes sense acoustically - sounds emanate from a point and attenuate over distance, not over an area. Perhaps you could approximate it with several low-level sound sources spaced apart.

  • I can't say when it's being released, but I've started tinkering with an Audio plugin and not Audio such as Scirra's core Audio system. It's more an advanced audio feature that would make using Audio easier.

    Audio zones( more specifically audio plays while in the area, but you control the roll off factor for each object)

    reverb zones


    theme play

    random play from playlist

    looping playlist

    load playlist per layout

    effect management


    stuff like that. These are all audio effects that can be found in The Blue Code game demo. However it's only in the infancy stages due to time and other stuff being worked on. However if some one wants to PM and offer structural idea exhchange to help layout the foundation please PM me.I'm not promising how far it will go. But I do want a more advanced audio system myself so I don't need to create it in the Events again.

  • jayderyu That "sounds" great

    and yeah, official audio is really nice but it get clunky while doing something more than "play file".

  • I think Ashley did a great job on the Audio plugin. It's core design well enough to build most needs. The only problem I had with it's core feature is that the Rolloff for sound was for all sounds; rather than roll off for individual tags. My plugin doesn't replace Ashley well designed plugin. Just with it. but again I have no idea when it will be released. I'm pretty busy these days. but I need a more advanced audio myself so it's on the near by to do list.

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