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  • Hello all,

    I'm not sure if this is the right section.

    As a beginner of C2, I'm still learning it and getting help via the amazing community. Sometimes I need to show a screenshot of the event sheet or the layout (without the interface), so what I do is: Print screen and crop it, then uploading the file.

    Friendly UI feature for the next version:

    My suggestion is to add a "capture" button that will capture ONLY the inside of the Layout or Event sheet, and save as .PNG / .JPG

    It could be just an extra button (maybe right click on the Layout /Event sheet and capture will pop-up this 'capture' option) but it will be SUPER friendly and usable for the forums and for C2 developers in general because not all the time we want to send a .capx but just showing something, right?

    This will make life much easier with one click for something most of us use anyway.

    I have so many ideas for making C2 even more friendly but I don't want to flood you with my boring stuff...

    Keep on being so awesome you guys!

    Sorry about my bad English.

  • Actually, better than take a screenshot, prefer to directly post your capx.

    It's easier for people to see what's going on and provide help as sometime your issue will depends on how you've setted up certain plugins/behaviors and you can't show that with a single screenshot of an event sheet, it's best to allow people to look through the project.

    Also, IIRC there's already been discussions on the subject, and someone came with a technique to screenshot the whole event sheet pretty easily thanks to a third-part software.

    I don't remember exactly and don't know what keyword to look for, but doing a search through all the forums should help you to find it.

  • Hey Kyatric!

    I'm 100% agree with you that .capx file is the best way to show and explore, no doubt.

    But sometimes you still need to show something specific, so it can be a bonus.

    The cool thing that we already have is that we can select with ctrl the parts we want and it will "mark" it.

    Capturing isn't a complicated task, especially for people like myself (Animator) who mess with graphics most of the time. but I still believe it could be useful, not the BEST feature ever for sure, but I absolutely know that if I had this button I would click it many times by now hehe...

    C2 is so amazing... I came from "another" software... so I'm still learning it and every day I feel more and more "at home" which is the most important thing for me as a user.

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  • Hey there Alon !

    A lot of suggestions appear on these forums, and I feel this suggestion is a bit niche and won't get much attention, but I think I can help you out!

    If you have the software Fraps, you can Record/Screenshot the Layout Editor. However, this does not work for the Event Sheet Editor

    And I actually have a tab open with the software that Kyatric mentioned (I've been to the same thread he's talking about

    Hope I was of slight use!

  • Hey Jase00,

    Thank you for your reply, I'm already have experience with capture software such as Camtasia Studio and many others but the thing is that they are 3rd party, means... not inside C2 with just 1 click away.

    So yes, it's not that complicated to capture a region or a screen using a 3rd party software, but I just thought it could be very useful for many future users like myself, or people who are not familiar with these capture options it could be a time saver, so our minds will stick to the programing/designing inside C2 without messing around with other things for just a quick screenshot.

    I agree, this is not the TOP feature... I just had to share because I feel like I could use such feature with a smile.

  • Alon Jase00

    Snipping Tool - comes with every Windows Vista, 7 and 8 - and you can get alternative for XP as well

  • shinkan

    I've always seen that program and never thought to click it, and man am I glad you told me! Very useful, thanks!

  • shinkan that's actually a great tool I also never used it, thank you!

    Most 3rd party capture software let you capture the full screen, what if you have a long layout and you want to capture it on 100% zoom... same for a long long event sheet... that's another reason for a built-in button in C2 but... again, it's just me hehe

  • Alon , I can see myself using a "Screenshot entire layout" feature, would be useful for making things like generating Minimaps but yeah, I guess we'll have to make do for the time being!

    All hail Snipping Tool.

  • hehe Jase00, I didn't think about minimaps and stuff like that... that's sound even more useful to me now.

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