Suggestion: Navigating long event sheets

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  • Just a suggestion about the flow of searching from the events tab.

    Its really handy and I use it all the time, I just wish that when you cleared the search it would stay at the position of the sheet you were looking at instead of shifting back up to the top of the screen.

    My current workflow is :

    1.) Search for desired area,

    2.) note the event number,

    3.) Clear search,

    4.) Scroll all the way down to find the event number,

    5.) work on desired location, repeat the cycle.

    Tons of subfolders and events make this take longer than you would think.

    Would save me a lot of time If I could :

    1.) search for an event,

    2.) click on desired event

    3.) Clear search maintaining position

    4.) work on desired location, repeat the cycle

  • I have another idea.

    <img src="" border="0">

    Surely there are others making big games that could see the benefit in this? If not, how are you currently navigating through your event sheets? Maybe I am missing something.

    Bookmarks are a possible workaround but still I feel it adds an unnecessary amount of steps to the flow.


  • Well I take a more OOP design to my events. I often end up creating Event sheets that are included to a core sheet.

    I also then Put all my Events into groups. Doing so I have found little to no difficulty even at 1500 events.

  • I also use many event sheets and groups, but I do agree the search tool could use some improvement. A "find next/previous" design like you find in any kind of editor or browser would be much nicer. If I decide to modify a function name, I need to find and update the events where I call this function. with the current search system, it's a pain in the ass

  • Thanks for the input jayderyu , OlivierC

    I also have multiple event sheets with events arranged into groups so its not hard to find what I want - its just the time it takes to scroll through, close subfolders, open subfolders etc.

    Say for example you have 10+ main folders with 20 sub folders in each. You want to get to a specific folder called 'Unit Orders'. You could scroll through but it would be much quicker to be able to type 'Unit orders' in the search box, then clear it and be right right where you want to be.

    Maybe for the sake of simplicity it would be better to auto scroll to the top for some users when they clear the search, in this case the go to event would work wonders.

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  • One thing that would be nice is the ability to click on a Function method call event and have it take you to the On Function Method condition.

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