Suggestion: Mouse disable.

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  • Suggestions:

    Mouse Object -> Action -> Disable Mouse Input, Enable Mouse Input

    Mouse Object -> Conditions -> MouseObjectEnabled?

    Same with Touch, and Keyboard Object.


         In my game I added support for a Mouse and for Touch screens. To test that touch works I enabled the (use mouse input) property, and disabled all conditions with the Mouse. After successful testing, I re-enabled all the mouse conditions and then disabled the touch(use mouse input) property, and exported the game, because this works I believe.. I dont have a touch screen device for development as of yet to test it. If doing development this way a Mouse->action->disable_mouse would help out, and speed up testing, I can also see it being used in other ways of development also.


  • Why not put all your input events in to a group, and then disable or enable the group?

  • I forgot completely about that, I will adjust my code to that style. Thanks.

  • That's an excellent idea. I was having a hard time pausing the game including the mouse events.

  • also you can use a variable way to fix that ^^

  • Bump for this. I'd rather have an option that disables Keyboard, Gamepad and Mouse in one event.

    Also, it's counter-intuitive to merge all the inputs in one Group. Maybe I'm missing something?

    What I need, is disable all inputs on Splash Screen, so the user can't enter the game until he's on the Title Screen.

  • Just use a different layout for the splash screen.

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  • Just disable all three groups for all forms of input.

  • Actually all input should be in one group and then using the input to call Functions that are the resulting actions. it's very easy to spread out your input but it's not a good idea.

    Instead input should be structured in a similar patter to


    Simulate Control Up

    Group Gamepad

    On Gamepad Axis Left 0 = UP

    Then call function.Up

    Group Keyboard

    On Keyboard arrow up or "W" pressed

    then call function.up

    Group Touch

    If swipe action is Up

    then call function.up

    .... so on etc for each input type.

    This way if you need to make fundamental control chanegs they are all located in the same spot rather than spread out.

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