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  • Creating the game only took a couple of weeks. What is taking me longer is how to simply get the game to work on mobile browsers, and its very hard.

    Im not getting many replies, so either noone is trying to support mobile with their games, or im not getting to people who have.

    How about a C2 mobile forum, where we can discuss topis like:

    How to get rid of the browser address bar

    Optimum ranges of screen size to target.

    Ipad specfic functions like swipe

    How to detect slow HW and scale back the effects.

    How to switch layouts on landscape/portrait.

    How to get rid of the black bars

    Which handsets/os versions dont work, and how to detect them.


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  • I think these are still all C2 topics, and I don't see the need for a Mobile specific problem, since there isn't even an over-abundance of posts/topics being made.

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