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  • I can never find what I'm looking for, and there is no search function for the manual. E.g. I was looking for lerp under expressions page, and didnt know to look under system expressions so had to waste everyone time asking in the forms how to find it. Doing a browser search in the manual page doesnt find anything. Using the "search scirra.com" box only returns forum posts it seems.

    Presumably it cant be hard to make the manual searchable, or downloadable so we can search it ourselves? I would even buy a printed manual if it was updated a bit so I could use an index.

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  • Searching "lerp manual site:scirra.com" on Google gives system expressions as result 3. I know that's not a perfect result but it can work, and the forum posts you also get might still be useful.

    We have been meaning to do a downloadable and possibly printed manual for a long time now, but we are so busy it is difficult to make time for it.

  • Nice trick! Seems to work well. This will save some posts, thanks!

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