[suggestion] Maintain aspect ratio when resizing

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  • This is such a staple that I'm in doubt whether I'm not missing something here. :)

    In the image editor when resizing a picture you can only input width and height separately.

    It would be really useful to have:

    a) a 'maintain aspect ratio' box

    b) choice to resize by specifying dimensions or percentage of the original

    Curretly when I need to resize a graphic in the sprite I have to use a calculator. :)

  • Ugh can't you hold shift and resize via bounding box buttons?!

  • liaeb - you're talking about resizing in the layout view whereas this is about maintaining aspect ratio in the image editor.

    + 1 for both of pirx 's suggestions. It's not the first time this has been requested... In the interim, microsoft office picture manager offers a simple and non-C2 alternative.

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  • liaeb

    Yup, I can resize via the layout editor. The problem is that when you import,say, a 1024x1024 image and resize using the bounding box to say 32x32, there's still a huge file saved in your project folder.

    This impacts memory, size limits (10mb on Scirra Arcade) etc. so I often end up resizing on the go via the in-built image editor. Well I can just use my graphics software but that's kind of not the point :)

  • Ah yes! I see what your saying now, sorry I tend to read between the lines and come to my own conclusions LOL :)

    Ignore me I'll go back to work...

  • This forum is a very good distraction from work I find ;)

  • same problem here with this:

    b) choice to resize by specifying dimensions or percentage of the original

    i also use the calculator...

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