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  • It would be nice to have the possibility to add comments on top of action as opposed to only on top of events. Right now I create blank sub events splitting action in order to have comments on top of them.

    Thanks for the attention!

  • Added to todo list.

  • This one definitely gets my vote. Some individual lines cry out for comments (at least in my code ;) Glad it's on the todo list!

  • Agreed, and thanks to Ash for adding it to the to-do list almost immediately.

  • I don't know how you're going to implement it Ashley but but if you were going to add 'action comments' that can't be dragged elsewhere, would it be possible to make it instead so comments be dragged anywhere, as an event, condition or action? I think it would be much simpler and more intuitive to work with that way.

  • This is definitely a much desired and important feature to keep event sheets well documented. Delighted to know that this will be out soon...

  • Is there a way to comment out a line of code using Construct 2 r95 as I did not see this in the in the comments section of the manual? If not it would be great to have this ability especially in testing out different scenarios.

    Particularly this comes in handy as I like to be able to add an fps expression at the beginning of every event sheet for performance checking, but would like to comment this line out instead of deleting it in the build process in case I do additional tweaks in the future and release another version of the game.

  • Added to todo list.

    jwjb: The feature is on the todo list, but as it is not an essential feature and that Ashley is developing C2 on his own, he prioritize the features implementations.

    This will be addressed/implemented in some release in the future.

    Also what you mean by comment looks like the "Toggle disabled" feature that you get when you right click a condition, an event/group or an action.

    You also have the condition "System: Is on preview" which will only execute while you're previewing your project but won't execute in an exported project.

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  • Kyatric: Very cool. I tried both the 'Toggle disabled' and 'System: Is in preview' and they both worked like a charm. Thanks for the heads-up!

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