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  • If you have 30+ projects which are skinned variations on a single game, you have to maintain 30+ code bases.

    If a library event sheet or objet is improved or a bug fixed, 30+ projects have to be manually updated, and retested in case a typo was made.

    Also, if you do a load of work in say R100, find a showstopping bug, and have to go back to say R95, you have to recreate your weeks of work in R95. (im now faced with probably a weeks work to revert back, and retest everything).

    It would be great to be able to cut and past objets (such as sprites) keeping their instance variables and names.

    It would be great to be able to cut and paste events and actions, without it rejecting it becase the object doesnt exist in the new project, even though you have created the object with the same name.

    Perhaps a Library folder in the project explorer?

    I alibrary item can have objects, layouts + entire event sheets (or at least some events and actions). Ideally the library item re-freshes itself from disk when you load the project, and one library item can be shared across projects.

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  • Why would you do your game in unstable version of C2 at first place?

    If you'r trying to make a serious game always use stable releases.

    R100 is beta, I know it has many new great features but it's still beta.

  • Libraries would be great for lots of projects to share common code, e.g. the scalling and landscap/portrat handilng which is that horror known as mobile, or error message display, or debug output, or ajax server communication code.

    Currently you have to re-enter everything in all projects to add a common feature.

    The only way to see if R100 fixed the problems in R95 with mobile handset handling is to install it, which means uninstalling the old version (as per instructions). Having learnt my lesson, I have now borrowed a second laptop to test Beta versions. I did not think R100 would render the game unplayable, as R99 was rock solid - my bad.

  • I believe that Event Sheets are stored as .XMLs so you could copy and paste them around projects and what not. Kinda clumsy though.

    Cheers dudes.

  • I had a look at them, and they seem to use the object names in the actions, which looks promising. However, Im not sure why it did not let me paste events/actions from one project to another when I setup identical objects with the same names before hand in the target project (it somehow knew they were differetn instances).

    Anyway, I might try this XML copy approach for now, and hope it doesnt bite me in the but.

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