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  • A very helpful feature I'd like to see is an in-editor thumbnail or mini-map of the active layout being edited. To the right of the options in the Home/View/Events tabs, there is a lot of unused space where the thumbnail could go. For editing the layouts, it could be very handy to have a small window that shows the overall look of the layout without having to zoom in/out of the layout all the time. For larger layouts that would look to small to view in such a small window, a click-and-drag option in the thumbnail could give an easy overall view.

    How does that sound?

  • Awesome request Rhindon, I think it would save some clicks and some time when it comes to larger layouts aswell.

  • Thanks, I've made a few suggestions over the last few years that, with good reason, Ashley declined. (No doubt, he has a full plate already.) Hopefully this proves to be a viable suggestion. I want to help make C2 the BEST(EST-ER)

    Speaking of "Clicks", it could be useful, too, to be able to click in the thumbnail and have the main layout view auto-scroll to that point. Again, very helpful for larger layouts.

  • This sounds very handy! I hope it's feasible!

  • eli0s - Me, too. Namely, I hope it's an idea that's easy to implement (unless that's what you meant by feasible).

    Some other ideas:

    • Allow independent views of layers. If the main editor only shows one layer viewable, the thumbnail can show all layers so that the user can see the "final" product without having to switch layers viewable back and forth.
    • Depending on space used/available when one thumbnail is active, perhaps have a second or third thumbnail for other layouts.
    • Similar to Idea #2, have multiple thumbnails open for each individual layer in a given layout. (This may or may not actually be a viable idea, but maybe it could work).
    • Pop-out thumbnails which are resizable (similar to how MS Paint thumbnails work).
    • Zoomable thumbnails. If used with the multi-thumbnail ideas, have different zoom perspectives for detailed and overall view points.
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