[SUGGESTION] Issue with sprite editor.

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  • Hello.

    Currently you click twice on a sprite object and agree to the frame sprite editor shown does not match the frame shown in the project window.

    For example, I have this selected sprite:

    When I open the sprite editor does not match the picture.

    My suggestion is to match the picture and animation visible in the project window.

  • You can decide which initial animation and which initial frame to show on the layout on the using the properties sidebar for the sprite in the editor.

    As a suggestion if I may, you might want to download Construct 2 manual so you can glance through it once in a while when you have questions or the time. It will help answer some of your unanswered questions and speed up your workflow.

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  • Well, maybe I did not explain it well.

    I know you can change it from there, what I say is that when you open the sprite editor, the editor should show the same picture as the project view.

    In my captures you can see that this does not happen.

  • Ohh. That. Why would you need that when you can just close the window and see?

  • Because if I click twice on a sprite object and the editor opens, I expect to see the already selected frame automatically and directly edit that frame animation. But now you have to find the picture shown in the layout view, and select it. It seems right that the sprite editor opens with the selected frame in project view automatically.

  • It may become useful for some games but i don't think that will do good for others and may become a nuisance. It's only suitable for a specific case. In a general perspective i think we're better off just letting it be as it is now.

    I think a better suggestion is to persuade Ashley to a make better visual selection support for frames on C3.

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