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  • Before I start, it'd be good idea to mention that It's been a while since I last launched Construct 2 and didn't pay too much attention to feature updates. Searching the forums didn't give me any relevant results so if the following has been adressed in any shape or form, I apologize.

    With that out of the way,

    I'm using Sony Vegas for editing videos and such, even though that program has nothing to do with Construct, it does have an interesting feature that allows new user to understand the program fairly quickly - The feature I'm talking about is called "Show me how" tutorials. Basicaly it's some sort of interactive tutorial which leads the user through several steps showing exactly how to execute some basic tasks. For me, this hand holding seems to be way more effective way to learn how to use the program rather than watching endless videos on YouTube (Which,let's be honest here, may be made in poor quality with commentary of pre-teen child who barely seems to even know what they're doing which thankfully isn't case of C2) or spending countless hours reading through dozens of tutorials which might be informative and well written, yet somehow overwhelming not to mention the possibility of getting outdated due to speed of development process.

    Since ShowMeHow tutorials are built in the program's interface itself, user can also try out the things and variables on the go without having to tab out to tutorial/video having to scroll up and down/rewind&replay various section of the tutorials and then tabbing back to program only to realize that the process described may not be valid anymore.

    My question is - think there is a way to implement the "ShowMeHow" kind of tutorials into C2?

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