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  • Who ever has used cocoonJS to export to APK has realised that the game takes a lot longer to load when an APK, vs a zip in the launcher.

    As far as I know this has something to do with accessing the assets from androids internal database.

    Ash, is it possible to add a feature to C2 that will allow it to create larger sprite sheets (specifically for cocoonJS exports) for the purpose of decreasing the load time?

    I will try do a test of this, although I am not sure how to make it a fair comparison.

  • I noticed that too, that it is loading longer as apk.

    I started to optimise my png and I found a really nice web site for shrinking png without any seeable loss. I really love this and it is a nice way to reduce loading time. With that I got a 5 times faster loading.

    But loading time could never be to low, so I am interested in any improvements too ;-)

    superkew: do u know if there is a way to reduce splashscreen-showing in cocoon JS?

  • I'll try out the tinypng thing. But I think the slowness is caused by quantity of images and not size or quality.

    By reduce the splash screen, do you mean size, or time or something else?

  • I mean display-time.

    I see like 5 sec my spashscreen and then another 5 sec a cocoonjs-splashscreen (powered by).

    A bit to long for my taste. <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • It's free, can't complain :)

  • superkew, MACPK: read these two blog entries:

    Image compression in Construct 2

    Spritesheets in Construct 2

    Construct 2 already does some pretty sophisticated PNG recompression on export. I cannot imagine that a web service like would be able to improve on this significantly at all. Are you sure you have PNG recompression enabled when exporting?

    Construct 2 already spritesheets on export in a way that maximises the tradeoffs between file size, memory use, and download time. I'm not sure the problem is with C2; perhaps you could ask ludei if they can do anything to improve the load time, such as alternative compression settings.

  • Ashley,

    I know C2 has lots of awesome features, and I love them all. I was going to test the built in png compression to check load times.

    I was making a comment about a way to reduce the assets quantity on cocoonJS specifically to help reduce the load time on android. So possibly using 1024 x 1024 sprite sheets where possible - if possible. Not as a rule, but as an "advanced option".

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  • superkew: u r right ;-)

    Ashley: I checked it and yes, C2 is doing the same thing like tinypng (PNG-8 compression). I compared two examples and all images are exactly the same size.

    Important is to choose "brute" as recompression. So perfect, and again a bit less to do ;-)

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