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  • I'm a software engineer and long-time MMF user. I've recently started using Construct 2 and like it a lot.

    As I understand it, the image editor is a "work in progress" and maybe not a priority for development at the moment. I'd just like to add my 2 cents: it could really use a few more basic tools to make game prototyping (and development) even better.

    Ellipse tool---I literally spent half an hour looking for this and Googling because I was so surprised it was missing. I feel like it should be a very high priority to implement.

    Non-filled rectangle and ellipse

    Text (nice to have)

    Polygons (nice to have, but you can simulate with lines and fill tool)

    I strongly suggest making an ellipse tool a priority, followed by non-filled rectangle and ellipse, even if you don't have time for other work on the image editor. It's kind of a "first impression" user experience, for anyone using the image editor for the first time. (Btw, I know about the brush tool workaround for creating a filled circle. And I realize I can use any other image editor in existence.)

    If you really don't want to invest in the image editor, a more permanent solution would be to have some simple integration with an external tool---automatically open a configured external image tool from the animation editor.

  • +1

    An other thing that quite surprisingly is missing is some kind of an indicator (a cross?) in the color palette. The horizontal level bar has an up looking arrow which is very helpful, but the color palette is missing any indication that reflects the current hue and the saturation, thus making picking neighboring colors impossible. One has to play with the RGB sliders which I find somewhat counter intuitive if you already "see" the hue you want.

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  • A few more features would be helpful. Especially layers.

  • you can make a non filled rectangle already...just set alpha to 000

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