[Suggestion] Highlighting Temporary Actions/Events

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  • Hey Guys


    I was working on a particular part of a game that has to deal with a phase transition during a boss fight, the boss is going from easy mode to hard mode.

    Obviously while the game is actually being played the process will be highly controlled and only happen once. But for now while I'm working with it I'm adding a bunch of temporary actions that allow this phase transition to happen on command to make it easy to test. However, I will need to remove them later.

    I started to think that if I decided to take a break for a while I would have to go through and remember all the code and find all the temporary actions again. So my suggestion is what if I was able to highlight those actions so they stand out. That way when I'm ready to edit them out I can easy find them again.

    I would imagine this would be easiest as a right click menu option just select the action/event you want to highlight, right click --> select "highlight", and the action will have a yellow (or whatever color) background.

    I have no idea how easy this would be to accomplish, it was just something I really wanted to share. Thanks for taking the time to read my idea.

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  • You could always just put them in a group... not exactly what you want, but this is quite a niche feature and Scirra should probably focus on more important things ATM.

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