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  • I believe this feature would greatly increase the usability of Construct 2 IDE.

    Basically, a search feature that searches for all events using the search term, which can be an object, a variable name or a string.

    As a result, all matching actions and conditions are highlighted.

    Example: troubleshooting a project. Lives are bugged, don't behave as expected. I search for the variable "Lives" and all actions/conditions containing the variable are highlighted. This makes locating the bug much easier.

    Another example: Say I am removing some object from the object, however quite a few events are dependent on it. I have to adjust those manually, but the project had gotten larger since then and it is difficult to find all references of the object. I would search for the object uses and all matching actions or conditions would be highlighted.

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  • +1

    The current search hiding everything is a bit frustrating as I lose the context of the logic I'm looking at.

  • If this gets implemented, I would like it to be an option in the preferences or a checkbox or something because I prefer the current search. Though having both would be cool to make the locations of the search term more obvious.

    Also, the highlighted color should be different from the normal highlight color, as to not confuse people into thinking it's selected.

    There is a bit of a problem with it though - what about aces that are hidden by being in collapsed sub events and groups? Would it color the parent events a different color to signify that it contains a child event with the search term?

  • Maybe the events tab should pin itself open when showing search results, if the search resulted in nearly everything showing, when the events tab is folded up, I forget things are hidden.

    Also kind of a bug or maybe just an annoyance, if you search at the bottom of a lot of code, the results don't show up. But they do, you are just scrolled several screens down below, seeing only blank event screen. You can see the results if you scroll to the top of the event window.

    r109 win7 64bit

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