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  • Hi,

    the function object is awesome. And the recently added autocomplete feature is really great.

    It would be great if it were possible to change the parameter name.

    Only the names display in the call function window.

    Suggestion: Add on the "On function" Event window textboxes for entering parameter names.

    Assigned to the parameter index. In the function can still be used FunctionParam(n).

    What do you think about this feature?

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  • It's been asked many times, twice by me. I don't know why it's left out, probably not a priority. rexrainbow's function object allows it though.

  • Recently I was thinking that would be great if we could "pick object" in functions by selecting objects.

    On sprite X=100 -> Call function "sprite" (Sprite.UID, "some other parameters")

    +On function "sprite"

    +Sprite.UID = function.param(0) -> Set Sprite X to function.param(1)

    and then you could only

    On sprite X=100 -> Call function "spriteX" ("some parameters") - pick object dialog - select sprite

    +On function "spriteX" -> Set Sprite X to function.param(0) (while sprite being already picked)

    this could save a lot of events xD

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