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  • I think C2 needs an updated look. If it's too much trouble or there's not enough time for Scirra to do it, why not hand it over to the community and allow us to design our own themes. I know I can already edit the theme colors, but I'd like to replace buttons and icons too.

    -Maybe Scirra can make money by selling premium themes in the store.

    -Maybe allow users to submit their themes to the store.

    -Maybe create a forum just to encourage artists to design and share themes.

    DeviantArt is a great example of letting the community influence and shape the site's look and functionality. One way to make users more loyal to your product is to make the product more personable. Another example is Apple products. They probably have the most loyal user base.

    Just something to think about.

  • Agreed, I would like to see Scirra use more community montization options. For such a cheap main product this would be a good idea. The idea of some nice tool themes especially a solid relaxing dark colour would be great.

    I would pay $5 ish for a theme I really like

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  • I think they could use some more options in the store too. Themes would help. Why not add some free stuff in there, just to get people to visit and encourage them to look around a bit more. Visitors might come across something they like.

    Free product ideas:

    • PDF of C2 shortcuts for printout. You can print it out and place it next to your computer while you work.
    • PDF of C2 tips, best practices, time savors.
    • A printable paper sculpture using the characters on the homepage.
    • Place the Free Assets Bundle into the Store.
    • Make the link for the free assets at the bottom of the screen point to it in the store.
    • Free printable flash cards for C2 events, testing your knowledge.
    • Pack of C2 themed desktop backgrounds
    • Printable C2 postcards
    • Free C2 desktop icons (I use my own icons for folders, assets, etc.)

    I might be mistaken, but the store doesn't get updated very often with new content. I pretty much know what's in there, so there really isn't any point to keep visiting it. Adding stuff on a regularly could be helpful.

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