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  • I was wondering if you think or all ready might have thought about a functionality that let you find events in the event sheets, would be a good idea.

    The way I thought it could work could be something like this.

    If you for instant have an object, such as a button, text etc. you would be able to navigate through all events that involved it.

    Kind of what you would find in a word program, where you can type a word, and then press next and it would go to the next instance of that word.

    So imagine that it could work something like that, think that would be very helpful, when you have big projects, and have to go back and correct something but forgot exactly where you put it :D

    Also if you have to for instant replace a button with a spritefont, then you could use it to find all the places where the button is used, and be 100% sure that you replaced all of them before removing the button.

  • There's already a word based one, for searching anyway It's in the events tab. But an object based one or one that allowed search and replace would be an interesting addition

  • nimos100 There's already a search feature! It's under the 'Events' tab x)

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  • Yeah it almost does that. The only thing it would need was to search all event sheets, and show a menu with a prev and next button :D

    But that will be helpful for now, actually never tried it <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • There is Search (Ctrl+F in events) and Replace (R key on condition, or action) already. And you can even select multiple events to replace at same time.

    But you can use replace for same object types only. You can't for example switch Text for Sprite because these are two different objects and have different parameters.

  • Would be nice to have a global event search though. If your project has a lot of event sheets, it's tedious having to go to each one and search...

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