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  • Hi Ashley,

    I have been using Construct 2 for the past few months now and its amazing! I really enjoy working with it and bringing my concept to life with almost no difficulties at all.

    I just recently came to understand you are the sole mastermind behind this project and that is even more amazing!

    Taking that into consideration I am guessing you already have your plate full and dripping but I would like to suggest a few things you might like to implement in the future.

    1. When importing a new sprite automatically set sprite name to import image file name.

    2. When cloning an object copy behavior settings (sine, platform, particles emitters, etc).

    3. The ability to click directly on an object in the event sheet and change it (now you need to enter the action, go back 2 times, change it and then go forward again).

    4. I am not sure this is possible but, the ability to move to an instance to next and previous z-order in layout design, and not just top and bottom.

    5. Setting a different default animation for each instance (i do it manually by code, but it would be much easier that way).

    Thanks and once again, GREAT JOB!

    Avishay Mizrav.

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  • Most of these are already on our todo list. But 2) should already work, are you sure that it doesn't? If not, post a bug report for it.

  • Great and thank you for the quick replay!

    About 2, it does if you clone an instance of the same object, but not cloning the object itself, then it resets to the default settings.

    i'll post a bug.

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