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  • any chance of this happening? I HATE havin to let it redo all the graphics in my project then minify before I can upload and test when all I did was make a simple quick "code" change.

    Id love to just be able to minify and thats it!

  • Minify takes time.

    There a faster testing is preview the game, so you should to check everything before to export, if you make mistakes, that's up to you.

  • If you just want to quickly test your game, why not just preview it or use preview on LAN?

    If you really didn't modify any images, disabling PNG recompression will make the export go much faster, then you can just copy the c2runtime.js and offline.appcache up to the server. However if you make a mistake and you *did* modify some images, this could break your project, which is why it's best to do a complete upload each time.

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  • minify takes way less time than the rest. As ashley said its the recompression that takes the longest.

    The reason I cant just preview 90% of the changes is because its an online game and has to be tested online because of cross domain issues. So theres no gettin around export -> upload -> test -> change -> export -> for me or anyone else workin on a predominantly online game.

    And what exactly do you mean break my project?

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