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  • Hello folks!

    I would like to suggest another little and pertinent improvement to C2. This is about the fade behavior. You can't handle the time after setting it on the layout, via events.

    I did a Shared_Event_Sheet where I placed all the things, but I did two tile objects with one black pixel, creating them on the layout at the start and the end, to make smooths transitions.

    I was wondering just set the fade in and the fade out time via code and clear one of these tile objects, because each one have different configurations instead of setting the configurations via events.

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  • I'm hoping to create a tutorial about this. From reading your post, if the fade is a transition between layouts the quickest way is as followed:

    After creating your layout add two layers. Set their background colour to black and have one with their transparency set to 'No' (I'll call fade-in layer). (I find using layers instead of a black pixel a little easier)

    At the beginning of the of the layout, set the fade-in layer's opacity to 100%, then 'Every Tick' set its opacity to 'Its own opacity - (dt*60)'. This should give a fade in effect.

    Do the reverse for the fade-out layer, then change layout when its opacity is greated than 99%

    Does that help?

  • That is pretty clever. Never thought of that.

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