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  • I am working with C2 everyday and it is really highlighting some of the major deficiencies. Debugger we are all aware of but many little things too.

    1. It should be much easier to switch between a layout and the associated event sheet - e.g., F12 could toggle between the two

    2. If I open the even sheet I would expect that the layers panel is updated to show the layers of the associated layout (if one is available). This has caught me out so many times now.

    I really hope you guys put more time into usability of C2 - the features are awesome but working with it on big projects is painful. It is like writing a thesis in notepad. Can be done but very painful.

  • 1.- You can split in windows the ES and Layout

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  • California

    HOw do you mean?

    I would like to have it so that layout is visible and taking up as much room as possible and then be able to switch to show the code. Just like other RAD style IDEs.

  • czar : try drag droping the tabs to the edges of your screen.

    You can do it for any dialog/bar of the interface.

  • 1. See Keyboard shortcuts - Ctrl+E/Ctrl+L or Shift+Tab does this already

    2. Event sheets don't always have an associated layout, e.g. if it's included from another event sheet or used in two layouts by includes. This is the same problem with the Ctrl+L shortcut, which can't always switch to the layout if it's an included sheet. I could try and add the same thing for event sheets which can find their layout though?

  • Thanks for the keyboard short cuts. I will start using them.

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